About Us

Formula Fans started in 2020 as a passion project to bring forth accessible and environmentally friendly ways to support our favorite drivers and teams. The products are built around relationships with talented, passionate, authentic and local creators by providing them with a platform to express their work and creativity.

We are a sustainable company first and an apparel/accessories company second. Many of our freelance, local creators draw their inspiration from their surroundings, sometimes in the streets of the city or the giants of the forest. All of our products are custom made with your chosen design to support these freelance creators.

All of our custom shirts follow the mindset of sustainability that Formula 1 has adopted. Each shirt ordered is only made once you place your order so we can keep our impact on our planet as low as possible.

Although the textile industry is one of the largest global waste producers, we've adopted the cleaner but slightly more expensive approach to only product shirts once customers order them. That way we never waste any product and don't overly consume raw materials just for product to sit in idle taking up space in warehouses or factories.

Join Formula Fans to cheer on your favorite driver and team!